Crop Sprayer app

This free Android app helps you calculate how much pesticide to use when treating your crops.

You can use it to:

  • Calculate how much pesticide concentrate to put in different-sized pesticide sprayers
  • Calculate how many spray tanks will be needed to spray an area
  • Calculate how much pesticide concentrate will be required in total


  • Free to use 
  • Easy to use 
  • Works offline
  • Available in English, French, Spanish, Bengali and Swahili

Who is it for?

The Crop Sprayer app is free for everyone to download and use. It is particularly useful for: 

  • Agricultural extension workers 
  • Agro-input dealers 
  • Farmers

What you'll need

  • An Android smartphone or tablet with enough storage space for the app
  • Access to the internet to download the app from the Google Play Store (the app works offline once downloaded)

Occasionally, CABI will release updates for the Crop Sprayer app. To update your app, you need a stable internet connection and additional storage space on your device.

How it works

When diluting spray concentrate and applying pesticide to a crop, there are various calculations you need to ensure you use the correct amount of spray and the correct concentration on your crops. The Crop Sprayer app helps you make the calculations to apply the chemicals as you intended. It can calculate: 

  • The quantity of pesticides concentrate you will need  
  • How much pesticide concentrate to put into your spray tank 
  • How many spray tanks you require  
  • Your sprayer output (how much liquid your prayer delivers per area) 

Each section leads you through one calculation to get the numbers you need to apply your pesticide safely and effectively. You will see information icons throughout, which you can click to see additional guidance.

Getting started

You’ll need to gather some information before you use the app. Here’s what you may need to know:

This is usually given in g, kg, ml per spray tank. You can find the value on the product label or ask your agro-dealer. If you know this, you will not need many other details.

Usually given as a kg or g per ha. You can find information on the pesticide label or ask your agro-dealer.

This is usually give as an amount per ha. You can find this information on the label e.g. 200l/ha.

You may know how large the area is; if not, you will need to measure this.

You can find this information on the side of the spray tank in litres.

This is unique to your sprayer, and you will need to measure it, or you can estimate the sprayer output from how many tanks it usually takes you to spray the area.

Why CABI created the Crop Sprayer App

Inappropriate pesticide use, including the overuse of pesticides, is still widespread. The overuse of pesticides can lead to higher production costs for the farmer and may adversely impact both food safety and the environment. It is, therefore, important that farmers and agricultural service providers practice rational pesticide use.

CABI developed the Crop Sprayer app to support agricultural advisors in calculating the right amount of pesticide to use. In addition, the app helps users to calculate the total amount of pesticide required so that they do not have pesticide leftover, which would cost the farmer money unnecessarily, as well as pose challenges with pesticide disposal

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