CABI BioProtection Portal

The CABI BioProtection Portal is the largest open-access global resource for registered biocontrol and biopesticide products and information. 

The CABI BioProtection Portal includes: 

  • A search tool for locally registered bioprotection products sourced from governments 
  • Free access to educational resources, including certified online courses, pest and crop guides


  • Tailored product recommendations based on your location, crop or pest
  • Free resources to help you select and apply biocontrol and biopesticide products
  • Available online and offline via our website and free Android app
  • Access to the largest open-access global database of biological plant protection products
  • Browse in local languages, including Arabic, Bengali, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Nepali, Indonesian, Malay and Sinhal

Who is it for?

The CABI BioProtection Portal is free for everyone to use. It is particularly useful for:

  • Agricultural extension workers 
  • Agro-input dealers 
  • Farmers/growers 
  • Governmental regulators 
  • National regulators and private sector decision-makers 
  • Biocontrol manufacturers

What you'll need

  • A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone 
  • A stable internet connection, or use offline once App is downloaded  

Our app includes a search tool you can use offline. Downloading the app requires a stable internet connection and requires approximately 20-40MB of storage space on a device per country.

How it works

Enter your country and crop-pest query to begin a search. This search generates a list of biological control and biopesticide products (with their active ingredient and manufacturer/registrant) registered for use in the specified country for the crop-pest combination.

We also have a resources section on the portal. This area includes all the information you need to become informed on topics such as the basics of bioprotection, integrated pest management, pest and crop guides, and real-life examples.

Bioprotection products are made with human health and the environment in mind. These products have their origins in nature and cause less disruption to the environment compared to conventional pesticides, which can often lead to harmful runoff, killing of beneficial insects, and pesticide resistance. 

Why CABI created the CABI BioProtection Portal

Lack of knowledge about low-risk alternatives to pest management is hindering widespread adoption of biopesticides and biocontrol products as alternatives to hazardous chemical pesticides. CABI created the CABI BioProtection Portal in order to help bridge this gap in awareness. By placing practical information on bioprotection products and direct connections to manufacturers all in one place, users can easily see what products are available in their country, and how to effectively source, store, and apply them. 
The creation of this tool coincides with an increasing demand for safer and more sustainable food production worldwide. The portal is already available in more than over 40 countries, with more in the pipeline. In putting biopesticide and biocontrol information at the fingertips of growers, advisors and agro-input dealers, this portal aims to be the one-stop resource for those looking to implement more sustainable pest management practices. 

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